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We print on the highest quality fabrics to create beautiful, eco-friendly banners for trade shows, events, meetings, corporate offices, and street banners for outdoor use … basically anywhere our customers want to display their brand.

“Hi, I’d like to order Toxic PVC Vinyl Banners with Toxic Inks please.”

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That’s basically what thousands of unsuspecting customers are asking at sign shops across America every day. Can you sell me a cheap banner or cheap roll-up display made using toxic PVC with toxic solvent or UV inks?

How do you know if a banner is made from PVC? These are the banners that have that “shower curtain” smell that gives you headaches if you leave them in your car or garage on a hot summer day. That smell is a mixture of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that are off-gassing from your banners. Extensive exposure to these VOC’s can also cause nausea and sore throats.

A laboratory study commissioned by CHEJ found the familiar “new shower curtain smell” may also be toxic to your health. The study found one PVC shower curtain can release as many as 108 volatile organic chemicals into the air. Some of these chemicals can cause developmental damage as well as damage to the liver and central nervous, respiratory, and reproductive systems.

Eco-friendly banners are great for all events to help market your zoo, aquarium, school, or even restaurant. No matter what your business is, or the event you are holding, eco-friendly products, such as fabric backdrops and table covers will create a lasting impression to visitors and the environment. Our Unique printing process ensures that you will get the highest quality printed banners in the eco-friendly printing market.

All our printed products are manufactured at our facility in Austin, Texas with Made in the USA fabrics, whereas many shops outsource their jobs to other vendors some of whom are outside of the country.

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Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Goes Plastic-Free with Eco-Friendly Street Banners

A zoo in Tacoma, Washington, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, has taken on the challenge of going “Plastic-Free to Save Our Sea”. Point Defiance came to Go-Green Banners looking for eco-friendly fabric street banners that will display their initiative of going plastic-free. We provided them with sustainable street banners that are environmentally friendly without using toxic PVC, Solvent or UV inks. The street banners are used to draw awareness to the zoo’s newest exhibit — WASHED ASHORE – Art to Save the Sea — featuring “larger-than-life sea creatures” that are sculpted entirely out of plastics found in ocean trash.

Join Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and go Plastic-Free this year by making small changes in your life to help the ocean.