Sustainable Backdrops

Our eco-friendly backdrops can be custom-made to fit your space requirement or choose from a full-size backdrop, a three-quarter backdrop or a half backdrop.

Cairnstack | 10ft Grommet-Free Backdrop | Backdrops | Go Green Banners

Our goal is for you to get many years of quality use from our products. All of our backdrops are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable.

Soft Play Repair | 10ft Grommet-Free Backdrop | Backdrops | Go Green Banners

Don’t be a polluter. Move in the same direction most professional trade show vendors are going by moving away from PVC and toward environmentally friendly fabric backdrops.

Grainful | 10ft Grommet-Free Backdrop | Backdrops | Go Green Banners

What is PVC?

PVC is a poisonous plastic. The name stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a soft plastic which can be made with Pthalates, a plastic softener. Pthalates are used in such products as shampoo bottles, shower curtains, toys and many building materials. You will find it in flooring, siding and on coverings of electrical wires in houses. It is very difficult to recycle because it has many additives, which make it impossible to retain the unique properties of the original formulation when it is batched with a mix of PVC products gathered for recycling. It is a highly carcinogenic plastic and has a lifespan of 100s of years, which means that it will be in landfills long after we are gone.

In 2010, more than 100 United States municipal waste incinerators burned 500 to 600 million pounds of PVC, which formed highly toxic dioxins. Dioxin release toxic additives into the air and in its ashes, which are disposed of in landfills. Dioxins are a cancer-causing chemical, which is among the most toxic substances known to man. Despite their toxicity, manufacturers continue to use PVC because it is versatile and most of all cheap.

All of our printed products are manufactured at our facility in Austin, Texas with Made in the USA fabrics, whereas many shops outsource their jobs to other vendors some of whom are outside of the country.

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