Sustainable Recycled Fabrics

Our products are printed on fabrics made with recyclable materials and only printed with earth-friendly indoor-outdoor water-based inks.

Repreve® is a yarn made from recycled materials and is considered one of the most earth-friendly fabric ingredients in the world. Every step of the production process is tightly managed and Repreve® must pass strict annual certifications by outside third parties.

Repreve® diverts waste, in the form of plastic soda and water bottles, from the landfill. But tackling the problem is not just about recycling soda and water bottles (PET), or post-consumer waste; because behind every mound of post-consumer waste is a mountain of pre-consumer waste. (The waste created by manufacturers when they make products for consumers) Guess what? Unifi, one of the most diversified and leading producers of synthetic filament yarns, uses both to make Repreve® fabrics.

Did you know…

…plastic, nylon, and water bottles all come from the same natural resource. It is the natural resource in thousands of things we use every day. Computers. Auto hardware. Heart valves. Credit cards. Toys. And yes, even clothing. By recycling materials into Repreve® we are offsetting the need to produce new raw materials. Which helps reduce the demand for this precious natural resource

…fabric made from recycled plastic bottles can make some really cool stuff; here are 6 samples shared by Money Magazine